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Interdisciplinary Center for Neurosciences (IZN)International Graduate Program


Your Opportunity to Keep Standards High

One of the great strengths of the IZN International Graduate Program (IZN-IGP) is that it is embedded in one of the largest local communities of neuroscience research groups worldwide. Research at the IZN covers the entire bandwidth of interdisciplinary neuroscience topics ranging from basic research to clinical practice, from bench to bedside. All IZN research groups actively participate in the structured curriculum of the IZN-IGP such that we can offer a unique spectrum of lectures and advanced training possibilities as well as individual support services to all registered doctoral students. With hallmarks like the weekly IZN lectures and concept talks and IZN seminars, annual IZN retreats, the broad spectrum of practical courses offered, the regular thesis advisory committee meetings (TACs), and the newly started series of international neuroscience summer schools organized by the IZN-IGP in cooperation with our partner Sorbonne University, our program offers a unique framework for inspiring post-graduate education and successful doctoral research projects. The IZN-IGP is proud to cooperate with the Foundation BrainAid to grant the annual Foundation BrainAid/IZN Dissertation Award to the doctoral student with the best doctoral thesis within the IZN of that year. IZN students are also strongly encouraged to apply for the IZN/Chica and Heinz Schaller Foundation Young Investigator Neuroscience Award for an outstanding publication in the neurosciences.

The curriculum of the IZN-IGP is accredited at the Faculty of Biosciences of the University of Heidelberg, that grants the doctoral degree Dr.rer.nat. or Dr.-Ing. depending on the content of the doctoral projects. The IZN-IGP is also accredited at the Medical Faculty Heidelberg granting the doctoral degree Dr.sc.hum.. Before you can register your doctoral project with the IZN-IGP you should register your project with the faculty that fits your project best.