Outreach and AwardsIZN Art Prize

For the best piece of neuroscience-related artwork

Initiated in 2021, the IZN Art prize recognizes the artistic talents of our IZN members at the IZN retreat. Each group or individual participant can bring one piece of art—it doesn't matter if it is a collage, sculpture, photograph, your most awesome microscopy image, painting or drawing.... The only requirement: it must be connected to the IZN and/or neuroscience. Register for the contest by checking the appropriate box during retreat registration.

The artworks will be on display in Schöntal for the duration of the retreat, and every participant can cast one vote for his or her favorite piece of art. On the last day of the retreat, the winners will be picked and their work will be displayed on the home page of the IZN.

If you have questions please contact our administrator Antje König Sekretariat@nbio.uni-heidelberg.de.

Award winner 2024: Anna Hertle

Flower vases decorated with neurons

Award winner 2023: Antje König

IZN Art Prize Winner 2023: Cerebral Garden by Antje König

Award Winner 2022: Annasara Artioli and Co.

IZN Art Prize Winner 2022: Annasara Artioli and Co.
Location of the painting/junction box

Award Winner 2021: Dr. Robert Luck

IZN Art Prize Winner 2021: Dr. Robert Luck